Monday, October 25, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle and Loving it & ColorMix Tampa! ... heading to airport!

Last week was spent sleeping on planes and getting woken up by some fantastic Artists and Designers.  I got back Saturday morning and had to prepare for the upcoming week in Northern California and Minneapolis.  I am now getting ready to head to the airport... This week's blog will not have any how-to's and will be limited in text.  Lot's of links to cool stuff that I discovered and photos of the week.

First, Boo! This is my all time favorite classic Halloween movie.

I met with a couple of incredibly talented Plaster experts in Salt Lake City and will have details and photos of their upcoming projects soon.

The Seattle Design Center proved to be a great point of inspiration for me, both in the showrooms that I saw and the designers and artists that I met.

I met Kay Perret and we got to spend time talking shop and walking the design center showrooms.  See her below next to the massive carved antique doors.

Robert Allen,  Dwell Fabrics were inspirational
Madeleine Carde put on a great Faux Impressions, Interior Designer and Decorative Artist program SDC.  (Photo below) You can contact Madeliene for more info at:

Tracy Wade,  the local IDAL chapter president was in attendance with other chapter members. 

I was very encouraged to witness some  networking happen between designers and artists after my presentation.  Good Stuff!

I was inspired by and pleased to meet Melissa Koch of Artwood Studios, a Seattle based artist who not only is a fantastic decorative artists, but also runs The Children's Atelier, art school in Seattle.  Melissa's work is featured in a gallery of the Seattle Design Center.

One of her children artist's pieces shown below

If Seattle wasn'y enough food for my wearly soul, the Rock Concert ProShow, ColorMix, Faux Impressions day of fun ended my week with a BANG!

Carolyn Barton did a Fantastic job presenting the 2011 Colormix!  (photo above)  For more information about ColorMix 2011 and upcoming presentation dates and locations, go to:

Al Culp, Sherwin-williams Sales Rep Extraordinaire, pictured below, created a series of Faux Impressions sample boards that were on display at the event.  Thanks to Al for all of his efforts!!

We were fortunate to have Linda Banning, National Presidentt of IDAL at our Tampa event. (Photo below)  Linda spoke a bit about IDAL and the convention next year in Virginia.  Linda also is preparing to teach Faux Impressions for Paint contractors in her Tampa Studio!!!
Please contact me with any questions and I hope to see you soon at one of our hands=on or interior designers sessions!

See you next Sunday.


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  1. Am SO sorry we missed you in Tampa! It was great reading this wrap-up and learning about the ColorMix forecast, too. It would have been great to see Linda Banning as well -- she and her studio are both wonderful! Look forward to meeting you soon! Thank you for all the great links.