Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rough Week saved by Venetian Plaster Mavens!

I was running a very tight schedule this week and went coast to coast over night.  Chicago to Phoenix to San Francisco to Washington D.C. to Lancaster, PA to Buffalo, NY ... finally back to Sweet Home Chicago!  So tight, that I ended up completed my sample board preparation on my first night in Phoenix and used my rental car as a DRYING RACK!  (Don't try this at home kids!)  See photo:

Before we get into the details of my visits with artists and painters in Phoenix and Lancaster, I want to promote 3 events for this coming week.

Tuesday, October 19th: 3:00 PM- 5:00PM at Sherwin-Williams in Birmingham, Alabama at 419 37th Street.
Thursday, October 21st: Noon and 2:00 PM in the Seattle Design Center, Seattle WA

Central Florida Sherwin-Williams Color and Faux Event!!!
Friday, October 22nd: 11:00AM- 2:30 PM inTampa, Florida. located at Ala Carte Pavillion, 4050 Dana Shores Dr., Tampa, Fl 33634  This will be a Ton of Fun and more Color, Design and Faux information than you could ask for.... all in 1 place. (Be there or Be Square)

Back to the Tour of Duty...

I began this past week at the Scottsdale, Civic Center Library presenting to and meeting with a large group of interior designers and decorative artists to discuss the Faux Impressions program and Faux finish in general.  Laurie Clark, the local Sherwin-Williams Design Account Executive, put together a fantastic crowd and event.  I even had the pleaseure of seeing Char Burrows, ASID of C.B. Interiors, an old friend of mine from Chicago.  We did a lot of great projects together in Chicago in the 1990's  before she left us for warmer climates. (It was 60 degrees and beautiful that morning and 98 degrees by afternoon!)

Over the next 24 hours, I met and painted with 100 or so painters and decorative artists. They kept me on my toes and were very inspiring.  See photos below:

....I am having technical difficulkties loading my photoS !!!

The sample above was created by Francisco Espinosa.  He rolled a thin coat of Quartz Stone over a dry layer of Metallic.  Then he scraped it back thin for a striae effect with his trwel.  A few minutes later he skip trowel applied some additional Quarts Stone in random patches.  Very Cool!
Multi Media Artist,  Fish Smith was very creative, blending metallics, Quartz Stone and Venetian Plaster. (above and below)

Below Trisha Gale, created a textural masterpiece:

Venetian Plaster Mavens 1 & 2:
Phoenix has some serious Plaster Masters and I was lucky enough to spend an entire afternoon with 2 VP Mavens; Joanna and Linda Couch.  This mother and daughter team really knows their stuff.  Being a paint nerd myself, I have a good nose for other truely devoted and knowledgeable creatures.  Well, I have met few who know as much about the decorative finish process and business, let alone know the nuances of all of the various product offerings on the market related to Venetian Plaster, Metallic Plasters and Glazes, as Joanna and Linda.  It was also a treat to see them work the trowels and product.

I was very impressed with their stories of the classroom and their approach to teaching the decorative arts.  I also was blown awayby their marketing and sales book.  I asked them if I might take a few photos to share with their peers on the blog.  Notice in the close up below, that they feature a close up photo of the decorative finish on a page with a room shot of the finish installed. (Very Smart!)

Joanna on Left & Linda on Right

Joanna and Linda worked the Dimensional Basecoat, Quartz Stone, Venetian Plasters and Metallics with aboandon and came up with some fantastic looking finishes.  Thankfully, they loved the way that the products performed and how easily they moved.  Linda, commented that she was beginning to think that her Venetian Plaster Days were over, But with how easy our product applies and burnishes, she is going to  keep on truckin!!  (Lucky for us, because she has a lot to offer as an installer and instructor)

For videos of how-to install go to

Cross Country, to meet VP Maven # 3!
After sleeping on a few planes, I made it to Lancaster, PA and before doing a session with over 30 decorative artists, I made a trip with Sherwin-Williams Sales Rep Pat Gerlach to the jobsite of Janie Reeves.  Janie was another unvelievable source of information, wisdom, inspiration and wit!  She taught me a few things and reminded me of a few.  Her attitude and expertise were just the spark that I needed to get ready for an afternoon hands-on session with an impressive group of central PA artists.

Janie had a beautiful sample of Venetian Plaster with some embedded, colored plaster scroll work. (see above)

Meeting artists of this caliber is what keeps me going on these tough weeks. Thakfully Janie was able to finish her beautiful installation and make it to our afternoon group hands-on session.

Lancaster,  PA was great:
Jenn Mathews, above showed me her recent Veneitan Plaster samples. Jenn, has installed 6 jobs recently with our new Venetian Plaster and said that she no longer has to plan a trip to the massage therapists or doctor after burnishing Venetian Plaster.  Her unsolicited comments MADE MY DAY!

See Heath's Sea Sponge Rolled metallic samples.  He took out mini Sea sponge roller and random roll er applied the light blue metallic glaze over the charcoal colored base.  Great looking and Fast to the Wall!
Thanks to all for your help and your open approach to the sharing ideas and best practices.

Week of October 25th:
I will be in San Jose and San Francisco 25th ans 26th  and Minneapolis the 27th!

Thanks for checking out this week's blog and look for another update next Sunday!

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  1. Fantastic to read of your travels -- and your poor car probably never thought it'd be a drying rack! Can't wait to check out all the artisan links. :) Look forward to meeting you on the 22nd. Wishing you some good sleep!

  2. Ed! I'm exhausted after reading how much you packed into those few days. Awesome to have taken part in your demo/talk, learning of the products, and meeting other like-minded individuals. We are ALL "paint nerds"! Love the shot of the inside of your car. Thanks, again, for your presentations. It was a wealth of information.
    --Suzanne Whitaker, Phoenix, AZ