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Circling NYC via Long Island, New Haven, CT and Paramus, NJ

Where's Ed this Week?!:

Tuesday, October 12th at 9:00 AM: Scottsdale Civic Center library, 3839 Drinkwater Blvd. I am also looking forward to meeting with a couple of Venetian Plaster Guru's in town!Wednesday, October 13th:

7:30 AM: at Sherwin-Williams, 9700 N. 91st St, Peoria, AZ
11:00 AM: at Sherwin-Williams, 8710 E. Shea Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ
3:30 PM: at Sherwin-Williams, 1805 E. Baseline Rd. Tempe, AZ
Thursday October 14th at 2:00PM: at Sherwin-Williams, 1261 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA

This past week was BUSY!
New York City and the surrounding territories got a lot of attention from Sherwin-Williams this past week. This special attention including multiple training sessions with SW store managers and Sales reps and dozens of key customers in Plainview, Long Island, as well as reconnecting with the Jersey Boys from last week and a trip to Connecticut. 

I want to thank everyone that I met for being patient with my scratchy voice and coughing throughout the presentations.  Thanks also to Nyquil and most importantly DAYQUIL.  (All rested and better now)

I was inspired by my visits and worked out my inspirations on a Textured Fresco sample board this weekend. Step-by-step how to listed later in this feature:

While I was busy, slopping our new products and doing several hands-on sessions getting to meet some of the regions Top Decorative Artists, Jackie Jordan our Director of Color Marketing was presenting ColorMix just miles away for interior designers and architects.

We really hit it hard in the burroughs! (Photos below)

Long Island:
I was really excited to meet the local artists in Long Island, as many of them have great reputations and portfolios to match.  See the photo below of the local IDAL Chapter.

Bob Hendricks, a NYC SW Sales Rep is shown below, holding a sample board that a customer recently did on a commercial project using our Quartz Stone and Metallics to create a jazzed up, Concrete finish.

Marty Weisehahn of Classic Faux Studios attended both days of sessions and will be teaching our products and portfolio finishes to professionals in the area in coming months.  What a great guy, dedicated instructor and a  super talented artist.  Check in with Marty for scheduled class times.

The timing of all of this activity facilitated "SW TEAM" New Haven, Paramus and Brooklyn all to work together to service an important customer on an installation in NYC.  Thanks to all who worked together to get enough Venetian Plaster to the job site! 

Phone Ahead, Better Yet, Get a Sales Rep: For those of you getting ready to use our highly regarded, Venetian Plaster or Metallics or Textural Coating, I would recommend that you check with your local store to be certain that they have enough product on hand for your project. Due to the newness of this product and the popularity, it would not be safe to assume that on any given day that your store has unlimited quantities of a specific faux product or tint base.  It is all about communication, and if you work with your sales rep, he or she will see to it that they pull whatever is necessary to keep you busy "on the walls!"  If you do not have a sales rep, ask your store manager to put you in touch with one.  This person will look out for you to make sure that you are getting the best pricing and professional care.  If you don't have a rep, get one soon!

I made good use of an evening and drove from Long Island to New Haven, CT to meet with Holly Whiting of Artistic Finishes. Holly is planning to teach classes with our line and we needed to spend a little time together to go over the product capabilities in detail. I was a little under the weather, but was so glad that i made the trip.  Cool studio and an incredible artist!  Holly is also a moderator on the Faux forum 

The photo below shows the entrance to her studio.  Holly's space has great windows for natural light and a lot of hieght for her commissioned murals and art work.  This is a very open and inviting space in which creativity bounds.  The walls are covered in her finishes and art work and I found myself envying her crib. 

At the entrance, after you notice the "larger than life" handpainted wall of stone,  you see in the center of her foyer an acrobatic's swing, harnesses and matts.  Now that's entertainment!
The stone wall she points out, is a work in progress that Holly paints during her open houses and client gatherings.

Harrisburg, PA:
After, spending a couple of days in Long Island, CT and Manhattan, i headed to Harrisburg, PA for a meeting with about 40 decorative artists.  What a group of talented and experienced decorative artsits!  We were joined by Carolyn Blahosky from the IDAL national board.  I want to  thank Local Sw Sales Rep Pat Gerlach for hunting down this incredible group of painters.  As always, I learned a thing or two from this group and got to see some first rate portfolios.  It was exciting to see the various techniques and watch the group share ideas and get creative together.  I will be back in the area this coming Thursday at 2:00PM at the SW store in Lancaster, PA.

Upcoming Stops on the Tour of Duty:

Central Florida:  Save the Date!! 
Sherwin-Williams Day of Faux in Tampa on Friday October 22nd
9:00 AM:    Open house
11:00 AM   Color Mix 2011 by Carolyn Barton (Interior designers and decorative artists)
Noon:          Lunch
12:30 PMFaux Impressions Preview by Ed Mattingly  (Interior designers and decorative artists)
1:30 PM:     Faux Impressions Hands - On Sessions for Paint Contractors

San Francisco & San Jose, October 25th and 26th

How -To: Textured Fresco Step-by-Step:

See the video below of how to quickly apply the Old World Texture using our innovative combination of the Dimensional Basecoat, Mini Sea Sponge roller and Rounded Edge Trowel.
Textured Fresco

Step 1a:  Apply the Dimensional Basecoat using the Mini Sea Sponge roller.  Roll in short curving motions and apply generously in random patches.
Step 1b: Back trowel with the rounded edge 10" trowel to smooth and flatten the Dimensional Basecoat, creating various shapes and high and lows.
(In Video Above)
Step 2: After the texture is completely dry, apply a coat of Duration Home matte finish in color SW 6221.

Step 3:  After the paint is dry, apply a glaze with a cellulose sponge of sponge mitt, rubbing the glaze into the crevices and softenening and blending the glaze off of the high spots, to create a beautiful and dramatic Old World effect.  Glaze color SW  6048.  Ratio =  2 parts latex glaze, 1 part XIM latex Extender, 1 part paint. (3/1 ratio)  This could be a completed finish.  See below:

Step 4:  After the glaze is dry,  you can apply accent metallic glazes.  Using the same type of cellulose sponge or Spnge Mitt, lightly rub and blend 2 metallic glazes for a desired highlight effect.  SW colors featured in our Metallic Glazes are SW 6221 Moody Blue and SW 6334 Flower Pot.

Step 5:  For additional highlights, you can lightly sand the high spots and texture with a medium sanding sponge.  Rub lightly to "break through" the colors for your desired distressed effect.

Thanks for checking out this week's blog and look for another update next Sunday!

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