Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tulsa Showhouse, Artisphere Teaser & Twitter

Bethesda, MD this Thursday!  Details below. See you there!

Artisphere online TEASER:
On historic Rt 66 in Tulsa, Oklahoma there is an extraordinary 30+ room hotel where a savy hotel owner, several top interior designers and Sherwin-Williams teamed up to create a spectacular revitalization of an old historic, boutique landmark.

You will see art, history, great design, super cool headboards and some beautiful use of color and Faux in my newest column for Artisphere online later this week.

1 Headboard example below:

Check out the whole story later this week on IDAL's
Artisphere online magazine.

For now here is a walking video tour of the "Rose Bowl" room given by
Tracy Hearon and Lisa Bell of "I 4 Design"

Look for some Exciting News on June 8th!
I will announce this on Twitter and
post more details after on this blog.

Thursday June 2nd, 3:30 - 5:00 PM
Faux Impressions Event
Sherwin-Williams Design Center
BETHESDA, MD 20814 3005
PHONE: (301) 654-7955



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Information on IDAL at:

Check out my Class at the IDAL Convention!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visual Palette Awards in NYC!

And the Winner is?...
Those of you who have begun to follow me on Twitter found out last Wednesday night that Felicia Arago of Unfauxgettable Finishes won the VPA Award and the iPad2. 

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West Coat to East Coast AGAIN!!
This past week I spent a couple of great days working with architects, designers and installers in San Diego, then slept on 2 planes heading over night to NYC for the
1st Annual VPA's (Visual Palette Awards)
hosted by Sherwin-Williams Metro New York.

I think that it is no surprise that the Metro New York and New Jersey area has a huge number of super talented decorative artists and a nice pool of high end clienteleI have had the luxury and luck of getting to meet and work with a ton of great artists in the New York market this pas year.I have seen a lot of their amazing work.  You have seen some of it in my posts.

This contest was the brainchild of Sherwin-williams rep extraordinaire, Bob Hendricks.  You can reach Bob at swrep4488@sherwin.com.  Bob is pictured below in front of some of the finalists' projects photos.

Bob put a lot of work into this concept and was rewarded with some amazing submittals and a huge turnout at the St. Johns University campus for the event. from 2:00 PM - 6:30 PM several hundred attendees came through the exhibit of entrees and all voted on their favorite.project.

See some of the projects below:

Felicia's Winning "Allover" stencil Metallic and Quartz Stone Installation below. 
Great before and after and a beautiful execution and design.

Big Party!:
During this busy open house, paint expo I conducted a 2.5 hour class for approx 90 painters and artists where we discussed the various nuances of the Faux Impressions Metallics, Quartz Stone and Venetian Plaster.  Everyone left with a good understanding of the capabilities of the line and their own hand done samples of Venetian Plaster and Quartz Stone.  Some of the artists brought in their portfolios and we worked to match their Venetian Plaster techniques using our innovative "Fast to the Wall, Easy to Burnish  and Color Accurate Formulation!"

Interior Designers "In the House!":
The previous week, I was in NYC presenting to a large group of designers at the famed D and D Building.  (What a place and what a great group of interior designers!!)  They were very engaging and had a lot of tough quesions regarding our metallics and Venetian
Plaster.  We actually had a few of the more "hands-on" focused designers show up to the class at the VPA's.  some sent their painters.  We appreciate the sincerity of interest in learning the building blocks of Decoratrive finishes.  We all know what great things happen when and interior designer and decoratrive artist work together!!

Metro NY Faux Team Members;
Stacy Aristilde from the Robert Allen Showroom at the D n D Building
and Kim Bonaguro Decorative Manager in Shirly, NY

I was excited to have a special guest in attendance.  Omar Robinson, head instructor at the DC9, Union apprentice program in Long Island was in attendance.  Omat brought a couple of sample of our Quartz Stone in a deep saturated red with an embossed stencil.   Omar was kind enough to share with the group. See below:  Thanks Omar!

Speaking of Red...  After the VPA's the Bulls were playing in the Eastern Conference finals.I missed it due to a customer engagement that evening.  The previous Sunday night however, while I flew to San Diego the Bulls took apart the Heat in a decisive win.  Since then it has been a tough time for Bulls fans back home..I tried to further help the cause this Tuesday by again flying on a plane during the game, but my efforts fell short.  The big 3 are tough.  Go Bulls!

The great part about my job is meeting and seeing the work of artists all over the country.  One of the runners up last week was Debbie Viola. http://www.debbieviola.com/  Take a look at her beautiful, sophisticated design below.  She combined textural layers of Venetian Plaster, with inlays of metallics and blended layers of Quartz Stone.  The results were spectacular and simulated real aged stone.

Next time I am in town Debbie will have to teach us that one!

Debbie below:

Pictured below: Debbie, Felicia and MaryAnn Luman of Sherwin-Williams,
anxiously awaiting the close of voting. 
(I tried, but i could not get them to fake a boxers' standoff!)

Bob Hendrick, was kind enough o ask me toi give away the award to the deserving winner!

After the events of the season and an evening meeting, i headed to Miami for Hands-on sessions.  Busy and Productive Week!  At my hotel the recptionist asked if he could do anything else for me.  I pointed to my Bulls hat and asked him to have the Heat lose a few more games.  He declined to assist.

Next Week look for a Full Feature on the Hotel Showcase in Tulsa and an exciting look at V'uz Resturant in Salt Lake City.  Just when i thought that i couldn't be further blown away it happened.  all thanks to Mohsen Asgari, master artist and designer, pictured below: 

The innovative and expert use of Venetian Plasters, Metallic Plasters, Metallics and design at this new Salt Lake City hot spot are truly inspirational.

You won't want to miss this in Artisphere online
next week!!



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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Got my Kicks on Route 66 & IDAL Class info & TWEETS

Hands-On Sessions in San Diego, Queens and Miami:
This Week I will be in San Diego on Monday and Tuesday, Queens, NY Wednesday and Miami Thursday and Friday.  Locations and times at the bottom of this post.

Wednesday, May 18th is the
First Annual Visual Palette Awards!!!

Some lucky and talented winner will receive an iPad 2

Hear who wins Wednesday night on Twitter

You can now follow me on my world tour on Twitter @FauxImpressions

I will figure out how to connect it to Facebook, (More 21st Century Learning)
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News as I See it:
I will post photos and teets interesting and exciting industry news from the field as I see it.  I love to share and celebrate the excellence in artistry that I see each day and with the help of my BlackBerry, I will be able to share often and in a more timely manner.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, as this is all new to me... (I hope to make my friend Regina Garay of Fauxology proud) She suggested months ago that I get on Twitter andI am finally making it happen.  Thanks Regina!


Tulsa 2011 Designer Showcase

Coast to Coast and then West to Oklahoma:
This past week, I travelled from Los Angeles to New York City and met with some very talented painters in LA and some top interior designers in NYC.  Just as my week of travel was beginning to tire me out,. I headed to Tulsa Oklahoma and spent a mind blowing day at a Sherwin-Williams sponsored Designer Showcase.  My exhaustion was replaced by inspiration and excitement.  I will give you a quick teaser and plan to do an entire feature story on this 30+ room showcase in my June article for Artisphere online.

The Showhouse was at the site of a rennovated, historic boutique hotel found on Rt. 66 in Tulsa. Take a look at the picture below at the original walls and the original "Fantasy Faux Finish" from 1928.  Pretty cool stuff done during Prohibition...


Close up of Metallic faux finish and large distressed and glazed, hand painted Damask pattern

Point of inspiration below in the closeup of the designer pillow fabric.

Sherwin-Williams, Faux Impressions Metalllics were custom blended to match the color and shimmer of designer, Susan Fielstras's beautiful fabrics.

Vince Mosley, Sherwin-Williams store manager and his staff worked with over 30 Interior Designers to make this extraordinary project come to life.

More on Vince and his team in Artisphere in June!

Also, I have a Big Announcement to make next week related to
Sherwin-Williams and IDAL!...
Great Room!

Teaching at the IDAL Convention:
I am really looking forward to teaching this year at the convention.  I have learned so much from the 100's of artists that I have met with ove the past year and I plan to share it all in my session.  See below and recommend it to a friend: 
IDAL Class

F612-Metallics Super-Sized by Sherwin Williams
NOTE - This class has multiple sessions on different days.
Friday · 8:00 AM - Noon
Saturday · 8:00 AM - Noon
Fee: $175.00
Instructor: Ed Mattingly, Sherwin-Williams
Getting any younger?... Take on large walls and approach your next projects with unprecedented ease and efficiency of application! Learn the in's and out's of the Faux Impressions newly designed, innovative coatings directly from Sherwin-Williams' product designer, Ed Mattingly, in this information packed, hands-on session. Attendees will create eight 12"x16" various techniques, using metallic paints, plasters, glazes and crackle. All finishes will feature colors and designs coordinated with the 2012 ColorMix, design and color trends. For more information check out the Faux Blog at http://edsherwin.blogspot.com or www.sherwin.com/faux
Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Type: 600 - Decorative Wall Finishes
Supplies to Bring: All texturing tools and trowels
Supplies/tools/stencils student keeps: Sponge roller, trowel
Donor: Sherwin-Williams



@FauxImpression on Twitter

Information on IDAL at:

Where's Waldo?
This Coming Week:

Monday 5/16/11 at 2:00PM
Dal Tile
7484 Raytheon Rd
Kerny Mesa, CA

Tuesday 5/17/11 at 1:30 PM

Dal Tile
7484 Raytheon Rd
Kerny Mesa, CA

Wednesday 5/18/11 from 3:00 - 7:00PM
St Johns University
Queens NY

Friday 5/20/11 at 8:00 AM
1300 SW160th Ave. 
Sunrise, Fl33326
Vince Mosley, Sherwin-Williams store manager and his staff worked with over 30 Interior Designers to make this extraordinary project come to life.

More on Vince and his team in Artisphere in June!

Also, I have a Big Announcement to make next week related to
Sherwin-Williams and IDAL!...

NYC Always Exciting

D and D Building

This Past week I spent time with a group of interiors designers at the D and D building in NYC.  My presentation focused on our new line and their was a lot of good Q & A and back and forth discussion regarding our new Venetian Plaster. 

REPLAY, from Last Fall:
I always expect to be surprised and impressed by the artists and contractors that I meet in my travels, but a recent trip to NYC tops my list of "WOW" moments! A few weeks ago in Long Island City,  I trained some 2nd year apprentices on how to apply our new Venetian Plaster and Metallic Plasters. The instructor was shocked at the ease with which the product could be applied to the wall and was particularly shocked with the ease of burnishing.  He said "We have had every company in here over the years and this is the BEST Venetian Plaster that I have ever seen!"  His comments were great to hear, but the invitation that I received to come back ASAP was even better.  The local Sherwin-Williams commercial sales team needed me back the following week to meet with the largest commercial contractor in NYC who was installing 23 floors of high polished Venetian!  A date was set for a Times Square morning meeting...

Like any good tourist, I got to Times Square early to have a Starbucks and soaked up the vibe. I then arrived early to the building to meet the contractor and field rep.  As I stood there, I was shocked at the vast numbers of "Beautiful People!"  (I mean all shapes, sizes,genders, ages, etc, decked out and looking spectacular!)  I wondered if all people in Manhattan looked this good while hurrying to work.  I was feeling under dressed and a little out classed.

I was prepared with my SW fan deck to match several colors and take a look at the previous Italian Plaster texture and finish. My hosts met me and we went through security, up the elevator to our first viewing. When I stepped off of the elevator into the first lobby, it all made sense.  We were in the international headquarters of VOGUE magazine.  (Soundtrack from Madanna or from Glee began running through my head.) 
I tried to stay on task, but I was a bit mesmerized by the location, the racks of clothes, models, production staff, posters of previous magazine covers and of course a certain CEO's presence in the offices.  I did my job and got out of the office without disturbing their fast paced intensity of purpose.  In other words, I managed to exit without knocking over any clothes racks.  Before I could recover, we stepped out of the elevator onto the Vanity Fair floor.  More of the same...Then it was Glamour, Bride, Wired... (I was wired!!)  As we left the building, I joked with my hosts that perhaps next time a little pre warning would be helpful.

See photo of Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour below:

Check out a great article in the Huffington Post regarding thing to learn from this icon!

That afternoon, I spent a couple of hours working with the commercial foremen and journeymen, getting them squared away on the correct application and burnishing of our new Venetian Plaster.  They really took to it quickly and stated that they felt that this formulation and approach to application was going to allow them to make an appropriate amount of profit. (Not usually the case)

Last week, while at my interior designer presentation, I showed the New York designers some of the samples from this high profile installation. They loved finishes and were shocked that such a high polish was achieved in only 2 coats and without the use of a wax or clears.  I left my presentation at the D & D Building and hurried over to see how the boys were doing.  They had completed 4 of the 23 floors and were doing a GREAT job! I could even see my reflection in the mirror polished finish of their Venetian. Their "Real Walls" looked just like the approved samples and all was WELL!  After rave reviews and compliments,  receptionist commented on the low odor, as she remembered the last time that wax was used, how the smell lingered for days.

I can't wait to see the completed project, and I am thrilled and proud to have our Faux Impressions, Venetian Plaster in on of the most important fashion and design buildings in the world. 

You can find out more first hand at your local Sherwin-Williams store or at www.sherwin.com/faux  

Stir Magazine at SWStir.com

Email me with any questions or comments at ed@mattinglynolimitspaint.com

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