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Visual Palette Awards in NYC!

And the Winner is?...
Those of you who have begun to follow me on Twitter found out last Wednesday night that Felicia Arago of Unfauxgettable Finishes won the VPA Award and the iPad2. 

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West Coat to East Coast AGAIN!!
This past week I spent a couple of great days working with architects, designers and installers in San Diego, then slept on 2 planes heading over night to NYC for the
1st Annual VPA's (Visual Palette Awards)
hosted by Sherwin-Williams Metro New York.

I think that it is no surprise that the Metro New York and New Jersey area has a huge number of super talented decorative artists and a nice pool of high end clienteleI have had the luxury and luck of getting to meet and work with a ton of great artists in the New York market this pas year.I have seen a lot of their amazing work.  You have seen some of it in my posts.

This contest was the brainchild of Sherwin-williams rep extraordinaire, Bob Hendricks.  You can reach Bob at  Bob is pictured below in front of some of the finalists' projects photos.

Bob put a lot of work into this concept and was rewarded with some amazing submittals and a huge turnout at the St. Johns University campus for the event. from 2:00 PM - 6:30 PM several hundred attendees came through the exhibit of entrees and all voted on their favorite.project.

See some of the projects below:

Felicia's Winning "Allover" stencil Metallic and Quartz Stone Installation below. 
Great before and after and a beautiful execution and design.

Big Party!:
During this busy open house, paint expo I conducted a 2.5 hour class for approx 90 painters and artists where we discussed the various nuances of the Faux Impressions Metallics, Quartz Stone and Venetian Plaster.  Everyone left with a good understanding of the capabilities of the line and their own hand done samples of Venetian Plaster and Quartz Stone.  Some of the artists brought in their portfolios and we worked to match their Venetian Plaster techniques using our innovative "Fast to the Wall, Easy to Burnish  and Color Accurate Formulation!"

Interior Designers "In the House!":
The previous week, I was in NYC presenting to a large group of designers at the famed D and D Building.  (What a place and what a great group of interior designers!!)  They were very engaging and had a lot of tough quesions regarding our metallics and Venetian
Plaster.  We actually had a few of the more "hands-on" focused designers show up to the class at the VPA's.  some sent their painters.  We appreciate the sincerity of interest in learning the building blocks of Decoratrive finishes.  We all know what great things happen when and interior designer and decoratrive artist work together!!

Metro NY Faux Team Members;
Stacy Aristilde from the Robert Allen Showroom at the D n D Building
and Kim Bonaguro Decorative Manager in Shirly, NY

I was excited to have a special guest in attendance.  Omar Robinson, head instructor at the DC9, Union apprentice program in Long Island was in attendance.  Omat brought a couple of sample of our Quartz Stone in a deep saturated red with an embossed stencil.   Omar was kind enough to share with the group. See below:  Thanks Omar!

Speaking of Red...  After the VPA's the Bulls were playing in the Eastern Conference finals.I missed it due to a customer engagement that evening.  The previous Sunday night however, while I flew to San Diego the Bulls took apart the Heat in a decisive win.  Since then it has been a tough time for Bulls fans back home..I tried to further help the cause this Tuesday by again flying on a plane during the game, but my efforts fell short.  The big 3 are tough.  Go Bulls!

The great part about my job is meeting and seeing the work of artists all over the country.  One of the runners up last week was Debbie Viola.  Take a look at her beautiful, sophisticated design below.  She combined textural layers of Venetian Plaster, with inlays of metallics and blended layers of Quartz Stone.  The results were spectacular and simulated real aged stone.

Next time I am in town Debbie will have to teach us that one!

Debbie below:

Pictured below: Debbie, Felicia and MaryAnn Luman of Sherwin-Williams,
anxiously awaiting the close of voting. 
(I tried, but i could not get them to fake a boxers' standoff!)

Bob Hendrick, was kind enough o ask me toi give away the award to the deserving winner!

After the events of the season and an evening meeting, i headed to Miami for Hands-on sessions.  Busy and Productive Week!  At my hotel the recptionist asked if he could do anything else for me.  I pointed to my Bulls hat and asked him to have the Heat lose a few more games.  He declined to assist.

Next Week look for a Full Feature on the Hotel Showcase in Tulsa and an exciting look at V'uz Resturant in Salt Lake City.  Just when i thought that i couldn't be further blown away it happened.  all thanks to Mohsen Asgari, master artist and designer, pictured below: 

The innovative and expert use of Venetian Plasters, Metallic Plasters, Metallics and design at this new Salt Lake City hot spot are truly inspirational.

You won't want to miss this in Artisphere online
next week!!



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