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Venetian Plaster Video

Check out how easy it is to apply the Sherwin-Williams Venetian Plaster!Â

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rocking in Reno... The 27th Annual IDAL Convention

Lot of Great Instructors and lecturers are schedule for the 27th Annual IDAL Convention in Reno this July!
Pat Ganino

Single name instructors like, "Melanie, Pierre, Kelly, Gary, Sheri, Dru, Pat..." (You know who they are!)

Lots of great instruction all around!

And then there is "ColorMix 2013" presented on Friday June 27th at 3PM, by none other then Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for The Sherwin-Williams Company.

check this all out at and

Also see some of the Classes below:

W108 ~ Global Carpet Collage

Wednesday 7/25/2012, 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
(Includes break from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
Room: N-10
Fee: $365
Melanie Royals

Create an incredible 30” x 48”global-inspired, vintage-dyed "carpet" wall hanging on Roc-lon canvas. You will have the chance to experiment with a variety of unique techniques that can be translated individually or in combination to create a wide array of exotic wall finishes. We will play with texture, pattern, distressing, metallic foils, and over-dying with translucent stains. You will receive guidance as to technique and pattern placement, but are encouraged to insert your own unique creativity into your artwork. Multiple color options for final dye colors will be provided. Class fee includes 7 different Royal Design Studio stencils to keep, and a tube for transporting your treasure home!

Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Type: 100 Artistic Stenciling

Supplies to Bring: Students MUST bring
these BASIC SUPPLIES plus: Assorted sizes stencil brushes and plaster trowel
Supplies/tools/stencils student keeps: 7 Royal Design Stencils used in project (over $250 retail value), Royal Stencil Cremes and round tube for carrying or mailing finished project

W310 ~ Classic Italian Panel Ornament in Trompe L'oeil


Wednesday 7/25/2012, 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
(Includes break from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
Room: N-8-9
Fee: $300
Pierre Finkelstein

Upsell a job by adding a simply executed ornament above a door, lower panels, or kitchen cabinets. Using simple trompe l'oeil techniques, follow Pierre's easy steps to complete this 3-D classic Italian ornament. Learn how and where to place your shadow and highlight with confident brush strokes. This is sure to be a portfolio knockout. Brushes will be sold separately during class. This class is best taken with Pierre's TL FUNDAMENTALS. Create a complete panel with Pierre's MOLDING IN TL.

Skill Level: All Skills
Class Type: 300 Trompe L'Oeil, Woodgraining, Marble

Supplies to Bring: Students MUST bring
these BASIC SUPPLIES plus: 5h pencil, straight edge - 2 feet minimum, eraser, pencil sharpener/box cutter, small sea sponge, brush caddy, small, round, quality brushes (preferably sable), ornamentation brushes will be available for purchase during class.
Supplies/tools/stencils student keeps: hand-outs, canvas
Supplies Donated By: Golden Artist Colors

W601 ~ Specialty Tools Class

Wednesday 7/25/2012, 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
(Includes break from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
Room: N-1
Fee: $245
Gary Lord

In this class you will use 6 specialty tools and various products that will give you one of a kind finishes that are fast to execute but look very complicated. This class will also incorporate the use of multi-patterned foils, metallic paints, glazes, and stencils to create these sale-able finishes. This class will also touch on the selling and marketing of these and other decorative painting techniques.

Skill Level: All Skills
Class Type: 600 Decorative Wall Finishes

Supplies to Bring: Students MUST bring
these BASIC SUPPLIES plus: short stiff nylon bristle brush, wallpaper pasting brush
Supplies/tools/stencils student keeps: product information sheets, work sheets, step by step sheets
Supplies Donated By: Prismatic Painting Studio, Faux Effects International

W602 ~ Fire and Ice

NOTE - This class has multiple sessions on different days.
Wednesday July 25, 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

(Includes break from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm)
Thursday July 26, 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Saturday July 28, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Room: N-2
Fee: $200
Kelly S. King

Fire and Ice is the newest portfolio created by Kelly S. King, Director of Education and Product Development for Modern Masters. 2 days of exciting techniques using the Platinum Series Glass Bead Gel, intermingled with Metallic Paint, Metallic Plaster, Venetian Plaster and Foils. These 10 finishes will ignite color, glistening shine, and a reflection of radiance as if frozen in water or tantalized with fire. Finishes will glitter with gold or shimmer with silver, slightly modern, cleverly clean, and a touch of tradition. Just when you thought paint was's about to get sexier! Want your sexy back?

Skill Level: Advanced
Class Type: 600 Decorative Wall Finishes

Supplies to Bring: Students MUST bring
these BASIC SUPPLIES plus: A trowel for Metallic Plaster, sample carrier, wax paper to put between samples, calculator
Supplies/tools/stencils student keeps: A free kit (for each attendee) with Modern Masters Platinum Products (Retail Value over $400.00). Wall Glazing Cream, Furniture and Cabinetry Glazing Cream, Glazing Cream Colors-4 oz bottle of each of the 44 Colors, Zero VOC Basecoat
Supplies Donated By: Modern Masters

After all of these classes are done and all of the WOW sample boards are added to portfolios, then what??!!
Come spend Friday Morning with Pat Ganino and Ed Mattingly
F707 ~ Designed 2 Sell: Portfolio & Networking in 2012

Friday 7/27/2012, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Room: Tetron
Fee: $95
Ed Mattingly, Pat Ganino

Ever wonder why your sample boards are not winning you multiple projects? Review several state-of-the-art examples of sales portfolios both painted and electronic, focusing on the common pitfalls to avoid and most effective and efficient paths to take when designing your portfolio and sales plan. We will cover the sales call "script," including frequently asked questions and comments with a focus on the consumers' concerns and thought process. We will also "connect the dots" and direct you to several networking opportunities both live and through social media, leveraging existing powerful sales and marketing networks.

Skill Level: All Skills
Class Type: 700 Business Lecture/Demo

Supplies to Bring: Portfolio examples
Supplies Donated By: Sherwin-Williams and Faux Forum

Then Friday Afternoon with Jackie Jordan and network with interior designers and architects!

Jackie Jordan to Present at the IDAL Convention in Reno
On July 27th at 3:00PM on the main stage in the Expo Hall you are in for an extraordinary treat. Come see the world premiere of ColorMix 2013, presented by Jackie Jordan, Director of Color Marketing for The Sherwin-Williams Company and creative director of STIR magazine.  Jackie travels the world attending key shows, art exhibits, fashion and fabric expos from Paris to Milan to the Far East to NYC and beyond.  She works with her national and international design teams to put together ColorMix each year and provide content and editorial direction for STIR magazine. 
Each year, beginning in September Jackie and her team present ColorMix to interior designers and architects, nationwide at sold out venues and major industry conventions.  This world class, multimedia presentation is coming your way in July!
Jackie will present a 1 hour CEU to IDAL members and regional interior designers and architects this year at our Convention.  Attendees will get to meet Jackie for a wine and cheese reception, immediately following her presentation.  This is a great networking opportunity to discuss your craft with specifiers and potential high-end repeat customers, as well as discuss color and design with the paint industry’s color guru.
You will not only leave the IDAL Convention with tons of inspiration and education related to the decorative arts, but attend this free lecture session and you will return home to your clients with leading edge color and design trend knowledge.  Let your designer and top customers know that you saw it first!
Check out this clip from last years’ ColorMix 2012 feturing a poem and animation about Neutrals. 

Hope to see you all in Reno this July!


Ed Mattingly

Get the Answers to Questions about World Color and leverage that information for your clients:
How do we stay ahead of the trend curve? Where do color and design trends start and how soon will we see those influences in our design? What are the driving forces that shift colors and design?  How do the manufacturers of fabrics, wallcoverings, flooring, coatings, carpet, electronics, automotive, homeware, fashion, etc. decide their color palettes for upcoming product launches?
Invite your designers to visit Reno and see this world premiere and see all that our expo and vendors have to offer.  Can’t wait to see you all there!
To see some of the results of Jackie’s newest impacts on color and design, check out the Stir ipad app at .  There is exclusive electronic content like:
and LetsChipit! At

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Detroit... Made in the USA!

We Planned a Presentation and then had a Faux Painting PARTY!

AboveIDAL members, Kathleen Cicchini of "Faux the Fun of It" and Barb Klein of "Creative Impressions" applying Sherwin-Williams, Quartz Stone in color Toasty, SW 6095 at the Robert Allen Showroom at the Michigan Design Center, while a group of interior designer watch their artistry and ease of application.

Tech Help:??? We have videos taken on an iPad, but filmed sideways!?  does anyone know how we can turn them right side up, so that you can see the installation?  if so, email me at  thx in advance!

Robert Allen Showroom was Brave!
So, normally when I present at a Robert Allen showroom in a design center, I have a laptop, projector, brochures and finished samples. We might discuss the how-to nuances of a finish and even show a video of the steps required to install one of the Faux impressions finishes.  (Live Product, wet paint around expensive frunitire and fabrics, ladders and trowels, frenzied painting with plasters...not so much.)

Well, Rebecca Luckhardt and the Motor City... they don't "roll that way!"
(Pun intended... We were rolling fools all day long and with an audience)
Rebecca is pictured above with Patty Mulkiten,
the Robert Allen Showroom Manager at the Michigan Design Center.

Detroit, Rock City:
This time, the Robert Allen showroom manager and staff allowed and encouraged us to bring in local decorative artists and their designers for a hands-on class on Venetian Plaster, Quartz Stone and Metallics.  Rebecca Luckhardt, DAE and Jessie Gourlie, sales/service rep, spent the previous afternoon, covering floors and setting up multiple work stations. 

Thanks to their hard work, by the time I showed up, we were all set to go.

For information on a Robert Allen showroom near you or to see our fabric and color collaboration go to

Local Talent Pool runs deep:
Last year when I was at the Michigan Design Center, I had the pleasure to meet IDAL member, Heidi Wilt , who shared her portfolio with me in a video interview that I posted in a previous blog. (January, 2011) This time she was out of town on an installation and a few of her IDAL friends filled in for her.

Check out her fresco board below:

Back to 2012:
I was told that we were going to see some talented artists for our advanced class and they werent kidding.  Several talented and experienced artist joined us to share their creativity and get their hands on our Plasters and Metallics. We asked them to bring their favorite trowels and stencils and beads, etc. We also planned for them to share their skills, artistry and portfolios with local interior designers later in the day. 

We did all of the above AND, 2 IDAL members got to really show their stuff installing a showroom vignette to a live audience of interior designer onlookers!!! 

(Kinda reminds me of the new Coke ZERO campaign)

Quick Decisions:
The Robert Allen showroom design team reviewed my portfolio of samples and took a liking to our Quartz Stone, trowelled tightly over eggshell paint.  We explained to them that they could pick any of our colors as all of our Faux Impressions line is tintable and tint-controlled for color accuracy.  In a few minutes, after reviewing their fabrics and art work and thinking ahead to other vignette changes, they picked SW 6095 Toasty.  We decided to tint it in the Quartz Stone Pearl base.  All set, that was EASY...

Wait, the furniture had to all be moved, floors covered, ladders brought in, trim taped off, the walls prepped and painted, etc...  All in the next 90 minutes, WHILE the class was taking place, before the seminar started and the designers showed up. (No Sweat... I admit, I was sweating it a little)

SW Detroit district employees to the Rescue:

Tony and April pitching in!

A store manager, sales rep and a Decorative Product Specialist (DPS) all joined efforts and were back with everything we needed in 30 minutes. In between "teaching" the class and answering questions, I was cutting in the eggshell paint and rolling out the walls.  As artists and designers had comments and questions, I jumped off the ladder, handed the pole to someone else and they finished painting our wall.  We put fans on it, finished up our class and got ready for the live demo.

Class Portfolio:
During all of this fun chaos, there were some great samples created with our Venetian Plaster, Metallics and Quartz Stone by the artists.  see below:

But What about the Original Plan?!
Oh Yeah, we still had an afternoon Designer Seminar with Power Point to conduct, and of course there was the small detail of getting 2 artists, who had never worked with our Quartz Stone and had never worked together and who had 2 different types of trowels, to install the wall in a uniform fashion...

We "rehearsed", they learned to "dance" together and it all went extremely well.

Show's Over, Networking Success:
Questions were answered, walls were completed, advanced installation secrets were shared amongst artists and with interior designers, portfolios were reviewd amd BUSINESS CARDS were exchanged! 

We closed down the design center late and everyone went home tired, inspired and happy!  thanks to all who attended and participated.  A special thanks again to our live demo/speed paint artists Kathleen Cicchini of "Faux the Fun of It" and Barb Klein of "Creative Impressions".  Thanks to Rebecca, the Detroit district and of course the team at Robert Allen.  (Look for "after" photos of the showroom wall on Facebook sometime soon)

Slept like a baby that night:)

The Morning After:
The following Day we trained a large group of paint contractors and district employees.  Detroit is ready and waiting for your call!

Thanks to all!

Upcoming Sessions:
for details on upcoming sessions email me at or follow &


You can find out more first hand at your local Sherwin-Williams store or

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Commercial Faux Installations ... Chip it! & New Email

Lets Chip it!

Check out this new an incredible app!!

Metallics and Plasters in ANY Color!
Specify SW 6106 Kilim Beige... You can now have that in Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Semigloss, Gloss, Metallics, Venetian Plaster and Quartz Stone.

Commercial Faux via Sherwin-Williams
Take a peek at just a few of the commercial faux Impressions installations that are occuring around the country.  This is all due to the Color accuracy and easy of installation and repair that is built into these products for the Commercial Installer. 

Industry First, Industry Changing Technologies related to decorative coatings

Questions about Faux??  My new email is  Easy to remember, right?  so if you want to know anything about specifiying or installing our product remember.. "SWFaux" and of course we all know "gmail".

Commercial Installations: ...

Nicole Richie's Perfume
In Progress:
Photos coming soon, but look for Nicole Richie's new perfume featured in an amazing store front in Manhattan!

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas
The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada has switched to the Faux Impressions Venetian Plaster due to it's Tint Control and color accuraccy as well as the ease of installetion and REPAIR!  (Vegas walls take a beating!!)

Stop by, drop a quarter and view the incredible old world mastery!

Vogue International Headquarters
Project from 2010:
I always expect to be surprised and impressed by the artists and contractors that I meet in my travels, but a recent trip to NYC tops my list of "WOW" moments! A few weeks ago in Long Island City,  I trained some 2nd year apprentices on how to apply our new Venetian Plaster and Metallic Plasters. The instructor was shocked at the ease with which the product could be applied to the wall and was particularly shocked with the ease of burnishing.  He said "We have had every company in here over the years and this is the BEST Venetian Plaster that I have ever seen!"  His comments were great to hear, but the invitation that I received to come back ASAP was even better.  The local Sherwin-Williams commercial sales team needed me back the following week to meet with the largest commercial contractor in NYC who was installing 23 floors of high polished Venetian!  A date was set for a Times Square morning meeting...

Like any good tourist, I got to Times Square early to have a Starbucks and soaked up the vibe. I then arrived early to the building to meet the contractor and field rep.  As I stood there, I was shocked at the vast numbers of "Beautiful People!"  (I mean all shapes, sizes,genders, ages, etc, decked out and looking spectacular!)  I wondered if all people in Manhattan looked this good while hurrying to work.  I was feeling under dressed and a little out classed.

I was prepared with my SW fan deck to match several colors and take a look at the previous Italian Plaster texture and finish. My hosts met me and we went through security, up the elevator to our first viewing. When I stepped off of the elevator into the first lobby, it all made sense.  We were in the international headquarters of VOGUE magazine.  (Soundtrack from Madanna or from Glee began running through my head.) 
I tried to stay on task, but I was a bit mesmerized by the location, the racks of clothes, models, production staff, posters of previous magazine covers and of course a certain CEO's presence in the offices.  I did my job and got out of the office without disturbing their fast paced intensity of purpose.  In other words, I managed to exit without knocking over any clothes racks.  Before I could recover, we stepped out of the elevator onto the Vanity Fair floor.  More of the same...Then it was Glamour, Bride, Wired... (I was wired!!)  As we left the building, I joked with my hosts that perhaps next time a little pre warning would be helpful.

See photo of Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour below:

Check out a great article in the Huffington Post regarding thing to learn from this icon!

That afternoon, I spent a couple of hours working with the commercial foremen and journeymen, getting them squared away on the correct application and burnishing of our new Venetian Plaster.  They really took to it quickly and stated that they felt that this formulation and approach to application was going to allow them to make an appropriate amount of profit. (Not usually the case)

Last week, while at my interior designer presentation, I showed the New York designers some of the samples from this high profile installation. They loved finishes and were shocked that such a high polish was achieved in only 2 coats and without the use of a wax or clears.  I left my presentation at the D & D Building and hurried over to see how the boys were doing.  They had completed 4 of the 23 floors and were doing a GREAT job! I could even see my reflection in the mirror polished finish of their Venetian. Their "Real Walls" looked just like the approved samples and all was WELL!  After rave reviews and compliments,  receptionist commented on the low odor, as she remembered the last time that wax was used, how the smell lingered for days.

I can't wait to see the completed project, and I am thrilled and proud to have our Faux Impressions, Venetian Plaster in on of the most important fashion and design buildings in the world. 

You can find out more first hand at your local Sherwin-Williams store or

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extreme Crackle Denim Inspired

Palm Desert Hands-on Session:
Palm Desert Hands-on session next week Thursday, December 8th, 10:00AM at:
39745 Washington St.
Palm Desert, CA
760 360-0503

See you there!
Dean Sickler's last Faux Impressions Class of 2011 on December 5th! Take a look at this link for more information.
Workshops and training using the new Faux Impressions line of decorative products by Sherwin Williams. Taught by Dean Sickler, an internationally recognized master of professioanl decorative painting and arts

Extreme Crackle Video:

Check out my Denim Inspired Extreme Crackle video at

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crackle Technique Video

Crackle Technique
Paint the wall.  Allow to dry.  Apply a single coat of crackle medium with a roller.  Allow to dry 1- 2 hours.

"Smash, Mash, Bash and Sponge" the paint on the wall.


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