Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jersey Boys/ Girls & Eli VP Presidente

I spent the majority of this past week in Upper New Jersey, working with some fantastic artists and decorative painters.  I will be back in the area this coming week in Long Island and Connecticut.  (Circling the Big Apple)  While I circle, Jackie Jordan the Color Marketing Director for Sherwin williams, will be in NYC at the D&D building presenting our 2011 ColorMix on Wednesday from 11:00AM- 1:00PM.  (Be There or Be Square. For more information contact Andrea Dinice at  or

The Jersey Boys kept me very busy in both Edison and Paramus.  (In Paramus, I was able to see the Empire State Building from the Sherwin-Williams parking lot!) We had our usual fun and exciting blend of Paint Contractors, Interior Designers and Decorative Artists.  At one of our sessions, I even met a 3D visual artist, who was interested in better understanding faux finishes and wall textures, to use in his work both in TV commercials and movies.  Really Cool guy and a very fascinating topic.

Here is a photo of one of the 2-step metallic/metallic plaster finishes created by an assistant store manager in New Brunswick.  Take a look at Jeff Doane's creative textures.  He even used the quart lid to help with his, garden inspired swirls.
I have a video of an inspired and inspiring contractor, Paul Knakkergaard discussing with Tony Spatarella, DSM the advantage of our quick, easy and repeatable metallic base coat with Quartz Stone, Plaster finish over.  (I actually took a good video for once!!)

The , NJ/ NYC Territory is a hotbed for creativity and style and I immensely enjoyed being with this group of professionals.

Where's Ed:
This coming week, I will be in Plainview, Long Island on Tuesday and Wednesday and Camphill, PA on Thursday.
SW Faux Impressions Preview, Hand-On Sessions: ("Where's Ed Now?")
Tuesday and Wednesday October 5 - 6, 2010.  Plainview Long Island, NY:  9:00 AM and 1:30 PM at:
80 Express St., Plainview, NY
Thursday, October 7, 2010.  Camp Hill PA:  8:00AM at:
1905 State Street, Camp Hill, PA
Phoenix, Birmingham, Seattle and a Big Event in Tampa on Friday October 22nd!!

While, I was busy trying to keep up with the Jersey Boys and Girls, a VERY special Venetian Plaster situation was taking place in New Mexico.  Eli Lucero was rocking some Sherwin-Williams, Venetian Plaster and Quartz Stone, Metallic Plasters on a commercial installation.  Eli is the Presidente of Venetian Plaster or the "PofVP"!

I had the pleasure of meeting Eli on Tempe AZ a couple of months ago, when we spent an afternoon together talking shop and playing with our new line of products.  It was pretty funny when I showed Eli how easy it was to roll out our plaster and backtrowel it for a VERY fast and easy installation.  He politely, told me "Put away your roller, "and showed me his "Blades of Fury!"  Eli has worn down as many trowels with his supernatural, efficient method of wall application as most painters have worn out roller covers.  Eli also mentioned more than once that our VP moved, "Like Butter!"

As always, when I am learning something, I sat back and enjoyed the view and tried not to miss anything important.  I was very pleased to have made the trip to Arizona to meet this master and planned to be certain that Sherwin-Williams products and field support would not let him down. I am well aware that a new product needs to be "taken for a ride" and am very excited to see Eli doing just that.  See his efforts with our products and others at and the you tube videos at "elilucero." 

In his most recent video you will see him crank out a Venetian Plaster installation and hear Eli say..."If anybody has any doubts about how Sherwin-Williams Venetian Plaster works, watch this...Virtually NO resistance to my knife...Flown Across this wall!..."

I look forward to working with Eli on pushing what can be done in this category and I can't wait to see what he and his team come up with next!

As if that wasn't enough, Pat Ganino and Mike (Faux God) were busy installing Venetian Plaster in Manhattan at a modelling agency.  Pat and Mike were cranking out the VP Jams and covering a lot of square footage in their first overnighter.

I guess this week, 3's Company, because I received a photo from Jeff Davis from Indiana, who just happily and successfully installed our Venetian Plaster with it's Super Easy Burnishing resin.  (Photo below)

What a week, I was a very "Proud Pappa" and can't wait to see what Long Island has in store for me.

As promised last week, here is a photo of my Extreme Crackle finish with the step-by-step details.

Extreme Crackle:
Step 1:  Apply 2 coats of SW 6132 Duration Home matte finish with a 3/8" nap roller.
Step2:  Once dry,apply a coat of Faux Impressions, Metallics tinted to SW 6132 with a 1/2" microfiber roller or a 3/4" Collossus roller sleeve.
Step 3: After overnight dry, apply a thin and even coat of Faux Impressions, crackle medium.
Step 4: 1 hour later, apply SW 6108 Duration Home matte with 2 large, Fully loaded, Sea Sponges in a pouncing and banging method.  Allow the paint to spatter and drip and crackle...(This technique will definitely wake up the neighbors!  If the walls not rocking, than this finish ain't poppin!)
Step 5:  After overnight dry, glaze and colorwash the crackle fissures and drip and distressed areas with SW 6103. Rub the glaze into the crevices and rub it off of the high spots.
Step 6:  When dry, take a medium grit sanding sponge and sand off the high spots to create a further distressed appearance.
Step 7:  Reglaze with both the metallic color, and a lighter and darker glaze to your liking.

This finish and variations on an extreme distressed crackle will be featured in upcoming Sunday blogs.

PDPA, Ecucation Summit, Paschal Video peak:

Take a look at the cool exterior mural on the facade of the St. Louis, Sherwin-Williams training center.  Next week I will discuss my earlier visit to this decorative finishing hot spot!

For more information contact me at or go to www.sherwin/faux or stop into one of our 3000 stores near you.



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