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Detroit Rock City 110 !!! and Pierre does Venetian Plaster

Detroit Rock City, Motown Madness, whatever it was... it was Fantastic!

San Francisco Tomorrow and Seattle Wednesday and Thursday

Next Week Baltimore and Modello in San Diego!!
More info at the bottom of this post:

The Detroit sales and field team told me in advance that they were bringing in RECORD numbers of key installers and were going to "make it rain" faux at our Marathon hands-on session last week.  I planned to be busy, but they REALLY BEAT ME UP!
Sample by Heidi Wilt of Creative Finishes llc
See one of her original designs and one of her Modern Masters PTC Patterns below.

We had a great couple of days in the Detroit and South Eastern Michigan market.  I started with a presentation at the Michigan Design Center and then ended up with over 110 decorative artists, plasterers, and contractors at a 3.5 hour faux Megathon! 

Say Hello to the Motown Gang in the video below...

Detroit is Ready:
It is one thing to go into a city and present to designers and then get them interested in Faux Impressions... Then they tell their painters and artists to go talk to the SW staff at their local store and get the necessary information. 

In Detroit, we have the necessary and appropriate district support in place and the store staff is prepared and not overwhelmed by the high level of interest generated by specifier and installer...

Detroit /South Eastern Michigan did it right!! 

See Patrick Noble's Sales team Extraordinaire in the photo below:

Big Buzz:
This excitement had to start somewhere, and of course it started with a design initiative via Patrick and Rebecca Luckhardt, DAE.  Rebecca is pictured below with Patty Mulkiten, the Robert Allen Showroom Manager at the Michigan Design Center. 

I was blown away by the Robert Allen/Beacon Hill Showroom

Rebecca really has a nack for putting together the color, fabric and design trends related to ColorMix 2011.  See her amzingly inspirational boards below:

Magic Carpet Ride:
I had the extreme pleasure of getting to meet and discuss decorative finishes with some of the areas top interior designers and decorative finishers at the Michgan Design Center (MDC)  I went for a walk inadvance of my presentation for a little extra dash of inspiration.  Check out these amazinbg GhiordesKnot custom rugs! 

(It just made me want to hurry back to the studio and get busy!)

More info on the rugs:

Design Excellence Meets Perfect Execution:
Take a look at Heidi Wilt's samples and video explanations below.  Immediately after our interior designer presentation at the MDC, i had the pleasure of seeing her portfolio and getting to better understand exactly how she goes about her designs.  This is not just well executed techniques, but truly magnificent design work.  Detroit is lucky to have her!

In the video below, Heidi talks about a pattern and technique that she learned at a
Modern Masters, PTC class taught ny Tammy LaMay of T&C Decorating.
The finish was designed by Kelly King of Modern Masters.
Beautiful design! 

Contractors Rocking the Big Show:
Take a look at Tim Burkhardt's awesome samples using Quartz Stone, blending wet with Venetian Plaster and over glazed with metallics! 

Tim and his crew made good use of their time with us at the Faux Megathon!

Pierre and Venetian:
The Master Pierre, working with our Venetian Plaster in the video below:

Tree Bark:
I was asked a couple of weeks ago to feature the details rtelated to the Tree Bark samples that many artist were creating at our handson sessions.

They seems to be rolling on the Quartz Stone and ten tapping/ backtrowelling/ creating horizontal Chatter marks.  Then after dry, skim coating on a layer of Metallic glaze.

See what the NTA group in Minneapolis did below:

I particularly liked the next sample which features the Quartz Stone, tinted to Latte applied and then "chopped" or cut through to create an almost tree bark effect.  After a little blow drying, a rolled on and wiped back coat of Metallic tinted to Coconut Husk makes for a fantastic contemporary look. 

 See Below:

Somebody's got a great sample board to present!!

See you next Week!



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