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Suede Secret and Brushes & Books...More Time with Pierre

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Suede Secret!!!
When Suede first came out years and years ago, we discovered a way to make it perform properly on clients' walls.  The biggest complaint has always been that the Suede category of products would burnish and mark up from the slightest touch.  Unfortunately, unlike real suede our clients' were not able to brush heir hands over the "nap" of the wall and wipe away the marks.  While other installers gave up on the product, complained and stopped installing it,  we came up with a way to dramatically enhance the washability and durability, while also slightly enhancing the visual effect.

4 parts Suede + 1 part waterbased Poly = Suede Done Right!!!

We simply added 1 quart of Minwax Polycrylic Gloss for every gallon of Suede.  For best resulkts, put it on a shaker at the store and then let it sit overnight.  For most jobs we ended up using 4 gallons of suede + 1 gallon of waterbased Poly in a 5 gallon bucket.  We usually painted the walls with eggshell paint in the same color and then when it was dry, random rolled or random rolled and back brushed the finish.

Quartz Stone Basecoat is Suede, re packaged.
Faux Impressions™ Quartz Stone BasecoatFaux Impressions™ Quartz Stone Basecoat

In most applications the Quartz Stone basecoat is used as a tinted aggregate primer for the Quartz Stone, metallic plaster.  With the addition of the water based polyurethane, add-in, this product performs beautifully as a finish coat.

See photos below:

A generous application of the Quartz Stone Basecoat, (Formerly known as Suede) random rolled with a 1/2" nap microfiber mini roller. Creates a soft, subtle and WASHABLE sueded effect. (Don't forget to add in the waterbased poly!)

 Same idea above, but with a random cross hatched, brushed effect.

Suede is a fast, easy and a Profitable way to dress up a client's room!!! 
Shhh...Thanks to this Secret, now Washable!!!

Chicago Design Center:

Please take a peek at the unsolicited comments from a Chicago interior designer on her blog below, after she attended our Faux Impressions Preview last week at the Robert Allen Showroom in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

“These are not like the faux finishes of the past. Think of this as liquid wall covering…” Karen Carpino
Read more: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/todays-chicago-woman-life-style-wellness/2011/01/new-faux-finish-paints-for-your-home.html#ixzz1BypgEHNk

Now back to more about Pierre Finkelstein!!

From his Website:

About the Pierre Finkelstein Institute

All you ever wanted to know about the man and the mystery.

Pierre Finkelstein is a 1986 Gold Medal graduate of the Van Der Kellen Painting Institute in Brussels. Four years later, was awarded the very prestigious award as the "best craftsman in France" in 1990 from his native land. His interest and skill brought him to New York City where he has owned Grand Illusion Decorative Painting, Inc. for over 20 years. In that time, he has created faux finishes for internationally acclaimed interior designers and architects worldwide.
Pierre Finkelstein creates photo realistic faux finishes, faux marble and woodgraining, intricate glazing, 18th and 19th century patinas, gilding, handmade plaster finishes, ornamentation, custom-cut stenciling and architectural trompe l'oeil for internationally acclaimed interior designers and architects.
Pierre is the author of the widely sold book, The Art of Faux, which is one of the most comprehensive guides for real decorative painter's in the professional "real" world. He also detailed quality production finishes in his first book; Recipes for Surfaces has given many the confidence to tackle most projects.

Our Mission

"The finest decorative painting brushes and tools to vein and grain."

Pierre Finkelstein Institute of Decorative Painting, Inc. strives to provide the best brushes, tools, and instruction for today’s decorative painter. Pierre is devoted to showing his students an efficient and realistic method for limitless decorative painting techniques.
His approach comes from fine schooling, but mostly from years of practice in his own business for 25 years (Grand Illusion Decorative Painting Inc in New York City). The brushes and tools found on this site are selected and designed for Pierre Finkelstein for today’s decorative painter while keeping the integrity of the traditional craft.

Pierre Finkelstein Institute of Decorative Painting
20 West 20th Street, Suite 1009
New York, NY 10011
1-888-FAUX ART (328-9278)

Pierre's Book Collection at:

January 25, 2011
On-Site, Studio Videos:
I am working on getting better at my live, on-site videos.  Sorry about the volume of my voice compared to Pierre's. (I think that I will try to turn and "cough" in the future)

In the First Video, Pierre shows me his "Base Coating Brush" and his "Tipping Brush" (Spalter) as he works and re-works the Duration Home matte finish. 

If you listen closely, he really likes the paint and how it lays out like oil!  I really liked seeing the master paint and learning a new approach to finishing walls and trim with these unique, high performance brushes.  I was not used to this perpendicular approach.

In the Second Video, Pierre, uses his "Tipping Brush" (Spalter) to lay down a cross hatched, striae textural basecoat using a blend of our Venetian Plaster and paint.  Parallel to the wall create a heavier stippple.  Notice the loose and comfortable flow of his wrist, arm and elbow.

In the Third Video, Pierre shows how to bounce and pounce without working hard using his Stippler Brush. (No Pushups!)
I have to say that his stippler is the finest that I have ever used.  The finish turns out so blended and beautiful, with so little effort!

A little more from the master in next weeks entry...

Sherwin-Williams, World Tour Continues!
Wednesday, January 26th 10:00 AM  
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Michigan Design Center
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Thursday, January 27th 9:00 AM - Noon
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320 4th Street
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