Monday, February 14, 2011

Seattle Showroom and Baltimore IDAL

L C Jergens, "Quality is Never and Accident."

While in Seattle doing hands-on sessions and meeting with some seriously talented professionals, i had the luxurious experience of visiting one of the finest Paint/Faux Finish studios in the country at L C Jergens.

(I was greeted with the art below in the foyer)

It just kept getting better...  Climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor main showroom and my eyes and mind were treated to a large quantity of some of the most impressive designs that I have ever seen.  Tim Jergens and his extraordinary company are the elite of the eilte!

Tim below


The Whole Enchilada...

There are dozens of finished cabinets around the corner and
100's of samples in portfolio books!!! (Reminds me of NYC and Evergreene)

Below see photo of one of their MASSIVE, "wallsize" portfolio samples

Clearly, I had nothing to teach the experienced staff at L C Jergens. 

I shared some of the installation nuances and advantages of our products and can't wait to see what they come up with using our Venetian Plaster, Metallics and Metallic Plasters!

Coast to Coast:
I was flying around avoiding the snow the last couple of weeks ending up in San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore and San Diego.

(My family is still speaking to me, even though I missed 30" in 24 hours!>?:"!)
Baltimore IDAL:
 Last week, I was treated to some quality time with an amazingly talented IDAL chapter in Baltimore headed up by Rita Melnick. 
Fun Group, with Published Superstars!

See Rita Melnick's full Book feature in Melanie Royal's Feature below:


See Kami Tremblay's work on her website and below

Kami, has had some early great success with our new Faux Impressions products. 
More in upcoming posts.

Modello Next week!!!

Look next week for a video tour of the inspirational world created by Melanie Royals.

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  1. It's so cool to read about your travels and see other artisans around the country. The Jergens Studio IS gorgeous -- and I look forward to seeing what Kami has cooked up with the products.