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Proper Metallic Roller Application

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Metallics Roller Applied:
It is important to fully seal new drywall with one of Sherwin-Williams premium latex primers.  apply 2 coats of the specified base paint in ProMar 200 ZERO VOPC eggshell paint or Duration home Matte paint.  Allow to fully dry.

Next apply a generous application of Faux Impressions, Metallic using a 6" x 1/2" microfiber mini roller sleeve and a 9" x 9/16" microfiber roller sleeve.  Use the mini roller to get into ceiling, baseboards lines and corners.  Pull out of the corners in random curving motions.  (Random curving "X's")  As you get away from the corners you can switch to the 9" roller frame and handle and continue with the random roll application, blending and working across and down the wall.

Always maintain a wet edge and "Go HJeavy or Go Home!" in your application.  (300 sq ft to a gallon)  One person or a team can roll the product on regularly as long as another person or team comes behind and backrolls using the mini and 9" microfiber rollers, fully loaded, breaking up the "straight up-and-down rolled" pattern with the random motions.  Again, do NOT backroll with a dry roller.  This type of "wet" and generous application allows for the metallic to flow and level and "melt" to the nearly sprayed appearance.

You can spray through and airless or an air assist unit as long as you take the filters out of the hose and the gun and use a fine finishing tip and approx 2000 psi.

The Faux Impressions Metallic is about as durable as semi gloss paint.  For additional durability, apply a coat of Sher-Clear 1K semi gloss water based poly.

For custom Metallic colors, contact your local Sherwin-Williams delaer.  They will be able to mix your custom color using a 20% paint formula.  Simply paint the wall your chosen color and apply the 20% tinted metallic.  Create a sample board for final visual effect prior to paint a wall or room.

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