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BOO! Segreto Book is Scary Sophisticated & ColorMix in Miami!

Scary Sophisticated Designs & ColorMix in Miami:
Every now and then I am reminded why I love what I do.  Leslie Sinclair recently helped me remember with her new book:

But before, we get too serious, here is my recommendation for a really good Halloween Movie:

Back to Leslie's Book:
The incredible images below speak for themselves...

Do you get the idea?!  Remember why you decided to get into decorative painting?!...

Leslie's incredible talent is quietly evident in all of her interiors. (This is NOT the Attack of the Sponge or a how-to book with page after page of over-the-top Faux!)

I had the pleasure of getting to speak with Leslie on a recent phone interview.  She was busy running from client meeting to jobsite, but took the tme to talk.  As we spoke, I realized that we had a lot in common related to how we approached interiors and working with interior designers and clients. Leslie, said that her decorative finishes, "Showcase the architecture and design and hopefully provide a warm, wonderful feeling for my clients." 

Leslie, has worked hard over the years to hand pick and train her painters how to replicate her designs.  She has a small army of artists and highly trained and coached, talented painters.  Hard work and customer care along with her amazing sense of design is keeping her business booming in a tough economy. She is ALL ABOUT Customer Service.  She keeps her opinions to herself and focuses on the vision of the client.  (Every so often she has to gently guide a client away from disaster)

Speaking with Leslie was a treat and I hope to be able to work with her in the future on upcoming projects with Faux Impressions. 

Thanks Leslie for your inspiration and direction!

The world of decorative painting is limitless, ever-changing and richly complex. Finishes for walls, ceilings, floors and cabinetry are crucial to the embodiment of a home's character. Segreto Finishes’ niche in the world of design motivates owner Leslie Sinclair to constantly explore new techniques and finishes that appeal to a vast multitude of styles and personal tastes.

Leslie lives by the philosophy that upon entering a room, your eyes should not draw a distinction to one element or finish but should see the surroundings as a whole. By developing a palette that complements a home’s architecture and design, surroundings are given a new perspective.
Graduating from the University of Texas with a business degree, Leslie left her corporate job in 1995 to start Segreto Finishes, naming the company after her husband's family. Segreto, which means secret in Italian, rolls up all of Leslie's passions — architecture, interior design, art, people and business-- into her idea of the perfect job. Leslie's talent for color, bringing innovative products to Houston, hiring and training a quality staff and working with people on their individual needs, built Segreto' s reputation.
With a staff of 25 artisans, the company has become a premier finish design firm with work featured in numerous publications including Veranda, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Country French, Elegant Homes, Beautiful Homes and Beautiful Baths, to name a few. Leslie also regularly contributes to Antique Shops and Designers magazine.
Inspired by all aspects of artistic painting, she owns an art gallery, Segreto Studios, and writes a blog, Secrets of Segreto, about interiors, art and finishes. Her first book Segreto: The Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors, a wonderful reference book for anyone interested in home design can be purchased [here], various [Houston Antique stores] or through Leslie, along with her husband and three children, resides in Houston, TX.
See the link below for details and scheduled events near you.

Jackie Jordan the Director of color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams and her team have put together yet again the industry's best and most comprehensive color and design trend presentation.  This inspirational journey takes you from the design influences of Milan and Paris to fashion runways of NY and LA to creative design and architecture to the influences that surround us by Mother Earth itself!

Design and Color Trends, Inspiration, Jackie Jordan, Interiors Designers and Decorative Artists all together for inspiration and networking...  Don't Miss it!

ColorMix Preview, featured on RSVP Design Services Blog:

Aislinn Phelan, Rhonda Vandiver-White and Amy ArmstrongThroughout the 2012 Color Forecast presentation, the main colors mentioned were blues, greens, neutrals and reds.

2012 Color Forecast
According to the Sherwin-Williams website, “The blues consist of a soothing palette celebrates a pair of functional and treasured blues: denim and water. It explores the darkest indigo to faded-jeans hues, some with violet undertones, as well as the calm, shimmery shades that reflect rivers, lakes and seas.”   Some fantastic examples of blues are the royal wedding, Netherlands floating apartment complex, Richard Ginori china, and of course the planet earth!

Kate Middleton in Blue!

Netherlands Floating Apartment Complex

Richard Ginori Fine China

Planet Earth
Here is a great video from Sherwin-Williams on the blue hues!
According to the Sherwin-Williams website, “Casting aside the more innocent yellow-tinged greens of the past, this eclectic palette focuses on greens that are lush, moody and complex. It showcases the depths of the sea and forest; leafy motifs; rustic natural textures; and organic elements such as algae, moss and seaweed.”  Some fantastic example of greens are algae, an Amsterdam Boutique Hotel, “Land Carpet”, and a Kartell Victoria Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck.


Amsterdam Boutique Hotel

"Land Carpet"

Kartell Victoria Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck
Here is a great video from Sherwin-Williams on the green hues!
According to the Sherwin-Williams website,  ”Raw materials continue to influence color trends, especially the more subtle hues. Picture a field of grain, pile of pebbles, weathered wood and earthen clay. Gold tones embody the sun and soft metallics — and warm up this understated yet refined palette. Textural elements, such as linen, unfired porcelain and mixed woods, provide subtle tonal variations.”  Some fantastic examples of neutrals are linen, cork, Weitzner Limited Oracle natural wallcovering, and grain.


Cork Chair

Weitzner Limited Oracle Natural Wallcovering

Here is a great video from Sherwin-Williams on the neutral hues!
According to the Sherwin-Williams website, ” Red is the color of love, fire and the earth’s molten core, and it stirs raw emotions ranging from the deepest passion to the softest femininity. This saturated palette includes hues of brilliant flowers and glowing embers. It isn’t a single red, but a deep gradation of fuchsias, red-oranges, violets and delicate pinks.”  Some fantastic examples of reds are a Marion Rose piece of Art, a red gerber daisy, red/pink boutique room, and red lipstick.

Marion Rose Artwork

Red Gerber Daisy

Boutique Room

Red Lipstick
Here is a great video from Sherwin-Williams on the red hues!
2012 Colormix by Sherwin Williams
I hope to see you soon!



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