Monday, June 27, 2011

Dean Sickler and Pacific Design Center in Hollywood

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Dundean Studios and Dean Sickler are kicking off their Faux Impressions Venetian Plaster classes this Friday, July 1st!!! 

I am thrilled and proud for the Sherwin-Williams Faux Impressions line of products to be associated with such an extraordinary talent and trusted friend of the decorative arts community.  Keep an eye on this blog, dundean's website and my Twitter account for more details regarding other classes this year from Dean.

Just prior to Neocon I was in Los angeles for presentations at several design centers including the Pacific Design Center.  The hip LA vibe was felt and displayed both in understated whites and funky florals. Check out this leading edge design center in the photos below:


Robert Allen Showroom


Only in Southern California will you find a fitness Center in a Design Center!

I look forward to seeing what the West Coast Designers decide to do with our
tint controlled Venetian Plasters and Metallics!

Neocon Best of!
Valhallan's booth blew me away.  More Next Week...

The IDAL Convention is approaching and I can't wait to attend.  I hope to see you in person in Hampton, VA.

The Samaritan Women of Baltimore:
The week after Convention I will be in Baltimore and D.C. for an amazing local IDAL philanthropic project being put together by Kami Tremblay for the  come help us transform this facility and the lives of the residents, all while learning first hand how to successfully and efficiently install Quartz Stone, Venetian Plaster and Metallics.


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