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Indiana Design Center and Certainly Impressed at CertaPro

Faux Impressions, Hands-On Sessions in Philadelphia this Tuesday and Wednesday!
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Enter this door and expect to be INSPIRED! 

Long Island to Indy:
This past week, I had meetings and training in NY and was headed to a presentation at the Indian Design Center and a visit to CertaPro Indianapolis.  I got in after midnight the night before my morning presentation to interior designers at the Indian Design Center.  The following morning, as my Starbucks was beginning to wear off, I was looking for a little jolt of inspiration.  I soon found some as I drove into the Art and Design district of Carmel, Indiana. (pronounced like the candy) The entire area has art studios and sculpture and is a beautiful little oasis just outside Indianapolis.

Sunny day, outside of the Indian Design Center!

Waking up!
After I got my laptop all synced up with the design center's projector and faux samples set in order on the easel, I had 15 minutes to kill, so I went for a quick walk around the design center looking for new ideas and inspirations.  I lucked into it by immediately entering Outr'e, a family owned business with a showroom that features custom made cabinetry and locally hand upholstered furniture.

Eric Reynolds, the showroom manager and family member , showed me around and explained the process of a digitally printed silk fabric that caught my eye.  He said that they have an entire line offered, but also do a lot of custom printing on silk and other fabrics for designers.  It is hard to see in the photo below, but there is a varied stria printed over the silk and paterns printed in accent colors.  The fabric has a metallic, layered sheen and is quietly "alive."

On to Walter Knabe!
Eric, explained that if I wanted to see more of these fabrics, that he would take me to the studio/ showroom next door to meet Walter Knabe the artist and designer of these fabrics.  I had 10 minutes left until my presentation and wait til you see what i got to fit into those 10 minutes!!!

Just inside Walter's studio see this self portrait below & another fabric

I was introduced to Walter and had the pleasure of getting a tour of his studio and getting to know him a little better.  since then I have done my homework and understand better that i was in the presence of greatness.

This wonderfully engaging artist, classically trained through Masters degree, landed his first big job in NYC with Andy Warhol.  He has done work for Michael Jordan, Richard Gere, The White House, museums and palaces in London and Paris, he has several renowned public installations and several lines of fabrics, wallcovering and licensed art on handbags and even Hallmark cards.  His digital art, combined with screen printing and painting is breath taking to see in person.  On the quick video tour below, you will hear him mention that a lot of his custom work is through interior designers.

Last year Walter was awarded the distinction of being named the official artist of
The Indy 500!

Video Tour:

Well after that extraordinary visit, I ran over to present to the interior designers and decorative artists in attendance.  We had a great session with a lot of conversations, Q & A and networking.  Afterwards, local artists and contractors were exchanging cards with some of the interior designers. 

One of them was Maryann Naegle, marketing director of the CertaPro Design Center in Indianapolis.

CertaPro Painters of Indianapolis
Maryann Naegle, Certa Pro Indianaplolis

Certainly Impressed with CertaPro Indy!
I have seen a lot of paint showrooms.  Wait until you see just some of what this industry leader had in store for me on my visit.

A Full Sherwin-Williams color library

Beautifully designed and installed room vignettes!

Well executed handpainted stripes and Zebra!

Even Garage floor coatings for the Man Cave!
It was an inspiration to see a company work so hard to train its installers. However, their best-in-class showroom displayed and conveyed their capabilities to a level that I have never seen before anywhere else.  Upon a quick visit, any consumer, designer, or property manager can easily see and better understand, what it takes to provide a quality paint installation and space transformation.  President Matt Rolfsen and Maryann have set the bar very high in the Midwest!

CertaPro Indy, President Matt Rolfsen

I look forward to returning to work further with the talented painters, artists and designers that I met at the Indiana Design Center and at the CertaPro Design Center.  We are in the process of planning several hands-on sessions at Sherwin-Williams stores and a follow up VIP interior designer event at the CertaPro Design Center Showroom.  (Stay tuned for more...)



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  1. Ed,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop in Outré and learn about our product and what we do here at The Indiana Design Center. I appreciate the kind words in your blog. It was a pleasure to get to know you. Safe travels and stop back by anytime.

    My Best,
    Eric Reynolds

  2. That looks like quite an artsy little corner. I'd like to visit it sometime, especially for the statue. Lucky for me I've got a business trip to the Indianapolis area next month. Thiago |