Monday, November 22, 2010

New York City and Venetian Plaster U!

Before, I get into the details of a VERY productive and busy week in NYC, I wanted to wish everyone a GREAT Thanksgiving.  I can't wait to get off the road for a few days and see my whole family together and I wish you all the same.  Related to work, I am extremely THANKFUL for all of people in the industry who are supportive to my cause, with their time, talents, artistry and kindness.

Also, thankful for tthe humorous ads on Priceline when I rent my cars...
By the way, all of the hype on the news about airport security, is a little overblown.  I fly 6 -10 flights a week and do not have any trouble.  Get there early, smile and be polite.  Its all good.

This past week, I was in St. Louis and had a Blast with the local IDAL chapter.  The meeting was hosted at Wood Icing.  Can't wait for you to see it! 
(Featured next week!)

New York City:
As, I came out of Penn Station, I was given a full show.  It was a sign that this was a going to be a good week.  Some commercial artist were painting a large mural 600' in the air.  I grabbed a Starbucks and watched them for a few minutes.  They were really fast and efficient. Thanks for the show guys and Be safe!
EverGreene Studios:
My day only got better.  I was headed to Evergreen Studios to meet with Robin Roi, their brilliant art director.  I had been there once before and was blown away by their intimate knowledge and industry leadership in designs and installations, featuring cutting edge, Venetian Plaster work. This company led the way for us in this category ince the late 1970's!! Their artistic, commercial installations can be found around the continent at countless high profile locations.
Evergreene Architectural Arts, Inc.

I was humbled and in awe of their library. Any commercial designer or architect could get lost for a day going through these gourgeous designs. See Robin and the library below.

Left side of the library...
Right side of the library...

I was inspired by the depth of choices and multiple styles of Robin's designs.  I was particularly blown away by her carved and etched samples of Venetian with inset metallics!
Pat Ganino was along for the visit as we were working with the EverGreene staff to create some Venetian Samples with our new Faux Impressions, Venetian Plaster.  Pat pointed out that they had a mural in the style of one of his favorite artists, Bouguereau.  What a place!
See below:

We had some great success, applying and easily burnishing our samples to a beautiful high polished finish.  Sample below:
Check out just a glimpse of the project wall in the EverGreene studio... Busy, Cool place!

 Pierre Finklestein:
I tagged along with Pat and got an opportunity to see Pierre's studio!  I was a quick meeting and i can't wait to get back to learn more about the MASTER's work and his extensive line of brushes and books.  Don't want to make you field old Pierre, but I have been a fan of yours for years... (I even had hair back then)
Pierre's site:

I just realized, that I should probably be most thankful for Pat Ganino and the Faux Forum, but mainly Pat's friendship, ethics and excellence. 

He is a Giant. See below:

Pat painted this 30' mural at a show in Connectivut, recently in 2 Days, while working with the crowd, kids and customers.  Guy's Got some Serious Chops!

Commercial Venetian Plaster Installation:
Same day, quite a day... On to Pat's commercial installation to see our new Venetian installed.

Pat and Mike, the installers, see below:
Pat and Mike, spoke to the advantages of our new Venetian Plaster.  They were amazed at the rate of installation, sq ft yield per gallon and the incredible ease of burnishing. 
When people are as capable as Pat and Mike, it isn't easy to make their day easier. I am proud to say that we have in fact found a way with our innovative product formulation.  Thanks for the tour Pat and Mike.
NYC is Rocking our Venetian in multiple locations!!!
Union Apprentice Hall, Long Island:
The week ended on a strong note with a full day class at the union apprentice training hall, DC9.  I am going to feature some of the creative and talented painters' work next week.  But here is a glimpse of what they did with our Venetian Plaster and Quartz Stone:

Woodgraining tool on the first coat of Venetian Plaster tinted to SW 7027, follwed by a tight skim of Ventian Plaster SW 6108 on the second coat.  See Below:

These boys and girls really kept me busy all day long!

Venetian Plaster University... Forever Learning:
I can tell you that over the next couple of months, I have a lot of work to do in my studio to begin to even touch the amount of ideas and inspiration that I have learned from our customers and new friends.  I am working on better lighting for video and photography and will be able to include more step-by-step information in weeks to come. 

Thanks to all that I have met with so far this yearm who have "shared with the class!"

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

See Ya next week.


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