Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kansas City 70 and Some Sheri Hoeger Time

So a couple of weeks ago after a busy day in San Francisco working with Painters an decorative artists, I made the drive northeast to Sheri Hoeger's Studio.  I had to head back to downtown San Francisco again that night to prepare for a morning interior designer presentation at the SFDC, but I was too close to miss this opportunity.  I had always heard nothing but the best about Sheri, and have checked out her websites and wanted to see it for myself.  (5 hours in my rental car late at night there and back, but work every mile of it!)

Sheri Hoeger Time:

Regarding Sheri's websites; I have included a few links below and would highly recommend that you spend some time on her websites.  Spending time in her "e" world is Very informative, inspirational and good for your business! Check out Big Oak Arts slide show.  Unfortunately, for me, I saw all of this in the dark. Studio below:

http://www.bigoakarts.com/slideshow.htm This Slide Show makes you want to stop what you are busy doing and head to Northern California for time with Sheri, Sean Crosby, William Cochran, Pascal Amblard...!

Photo above from a recent class conducted at Sheri's facility by Pascal.
Sheri Hoeger has the industry covered with several fantastic offerings.  There is of course her own installations and commissions in her installation business.  Then there is the Big Oaks Arts, studio and classroom.  Then there is The Mad Stencilist, offering of stencils both pre designed and cut, as well as custom designed in both reusable and one  time adhesive stencil formats, as well as educational videos. If that isn't enough, you can check out Say What? "Your words, made to order!http://www.madstencilist.com/saywhat/lettering.htm

You can learn a lot from Sheri's websites and purchase some extraordinarily helpful tools and resources from her offerings.  What you can't get online is the face-to-face, inspirational vibe that she brings to your day. 

Sheri reminded me that we are always on our own personal journey of learning and self improvement. Many of us may need to be reminded that it is OK to admit that we need help and that although we may be at a certain age or place in our lives and careers, we are never done or stuck in a rut unless we choose to be.  (Run on sentence, but she evokes a lot of inspirational thoughts)

 She shared with me her story of evolution from hobbyist, to stencilist, to installer, to air brushing, to muralist,  to instructor, to manufacturer, to IDAL, to industry leader, to student.  She showed me her recent efforts from the class that she took from Pascal Amblard. 

I also took a bunch of photos as I walked through her studio and home.  See below:

What an amazing talent!!

Being a complete novice to the stencil world, I had a ton of questions for the Mad Stencilist. Even though it was late in the evening, Sheri was patient and gracious.  I have a few photos below which show an example of how she designs stencils to work with airbrushing and hand painting to create a design.  Even with my dim understanding of her craft, I could see examples of how she has masterfully combines and connects, stencilling, air brushing, hand painting and decorative finishes to create her art.

I was able to stay awake on my late drive back to downtown San Francisco due to the buzz of ideas presented to me me by my new inspirational friend.  The following day Sheri joined a group of painters at our afternoon hands-on session.

Thanks Sheri for all that you do!

The link below will take you to her e doorstep with "Art to Live By"

Kansas City 70!:
The Sherwin-Williams team in Kansas City really packs a wallop!  They provide a powerful combination of customer care with the desire for excellence in all areas of what they do.  We spent 2 days together and did some significant training, worked with top notch customers and presented and worked with local interior designers. When decorative painters attend our hands on sessions with interior designers, business cards are always being exchanged and business relationships begin.

If you need Faux Impressions help and you are in Kansas City, you are "good to go!"

Wait until you see what happens when this "Faux Playground" gets filled up by over 70 of Kansas city's most creative decorative artists and interior designers!

Preceded by a nice lunch!
See lots of creative examples below, of our "2-Step" process, of using Metallic as a base and Quartz Stone as a top coat:

Kansas City Knows how to throw a Faux Party.  Thanks to all who attended.  I look forward to seeing photos of your installtions!

Last week, I was in NYC with Pierre Finklestein, Pat Ganino, Evergreene Studios and the Union Apprentices.  What a week!!   I will share that with you next Sunday.

I will be in Boston on December 1st to conduct 3 hands-on sessions.  I will have the details with times and locations next week.

Please keep in touch and email me with any questions or suggestions.


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  1. Sheri is fantastic -- so great to read about your trip there and see your images! All the artists in Kansas City look like a talented group, too. Will be looking forward to your NYC post!