Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dallas VIP Designer Toga Party and Preview to 2011!

In 2011, when we all get back from the holidays,
let's "Make WORK our Favorite!"


Toga Party with VIP Designers:
I ended my 4 month tour this year in sunny and warm Dallas for an unexpected, Toga Party with some VIP interior designers at the Robert Allen showroom at the Dallas Design Center. 

I love being in great design centers with fabulous fabrics.

This location was NO disappointment...

See the Fabric Candy Store!

Inspiration at every turn...

Even better up close... (Makes ya want to get to your studio to CREATE!)

Brave Host:
Usually when we have a Faux Impressions seminar at a design showroom, NO WET product is allowed out of the can.  However, everything is a bot bigger in Texas!!!  When Ashlynn Bourque, DAE extraordinaire, called me to schedule this seminar, I was pleasantly astounded that we were going to be able to FLING products about in the Robert Allen/Beacon Hill, Designer Showroom! (Even though I trust Ashlynn, I know that I called her atleast twice to confirm)

See out Work Station set up amidst very expensive fabrics and trims!!!

Our brave host, showroom manager,  James Campbell graciously invited us to have a Faux Party.  After the lecture portion of the seminar, our Faux Party turned into a Toga Party... Thanks to Anne Hines all of the attendees, got their hands dirty and we had a lot of fun working with the Metallics and Quartz Stone.

Thanks Anne! See her making a TOGA out of one of our drops cloths... a little blue tape and...
(Just like a designer to be so creative with fabrics!)

Ann with one of my Japan Trowels working the Quartz Stone, tinted to
SW 6019 , Poetry Plum into "Wave" patterns:

Video of the action:

See our Brave Host, James Campbell, Robert Allen,
showroom manager along with me and Ann:
The real cause for all of this excitement and VIP designer activity was
Ashlynn Bourque, DAE
For information on color tools or product in the Dallas area you can email Ashlynn at ashlynn.bourque@sherwin.com

Being the Father of 3 daughters, I know that it was not appropriate to show you photos of our "sleeves rolled up, toga wearing, painting shaping, designer", without showing her in the fantastic outfit in which she arrived and departed...  See below:

View of downtown Dallas and the "W" hotel from the 2nd floor blacony of the showroom:
More inspiration on the staircase...
See the video below of Lorraine McConnell as she uses a
stencil shaper to carve out some leaf inspired shapes,
cutting through the top coat of the
Quartz Stone to reveal the Shimmering metallic beneath...


Next Monday, look for my "Best Of" from 2010 and a
preview of what to expect from 2011!!!

Stay Warm, be Safe and Happy Holidays!



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