Sunday, September 19, 2010

PDPA Highlights & ASID Interior Designer Metallic feedback VIDEO

I had a life changing week in Golden, Colorado at the PDPA, Education Summit!  Andre Martinez and Pat Ganino put on an amazing event.  The physical elevation of nearly 6000' above sea level, played with my limbs and lungs and the artistic and inspirational elevation played with my mind and soul.

I met and got to spend quality time with so many industry icons.  People like: Pierre Finklestein, Pascal Amblard, Melanie Royals, Linda Bannining the current IDAL preseident, Ron Francis, (Got to drive him from the airport and hear about his class at Pat Ganino's studio the previous week) Sean Crosby, Sheri Hoeger, Nicola Vigini, Howard Thaller from Golden and the list goes on...

I was excited to see this incredible group of decorative artist taking home a copy of Stir magazine &
The Sherwin-Williams, ColorMix 2011
from the Portrait Competition reception on Thursday.

I have several blogs worth of live video and up close photos,  that I will share over the next several weeks from these 3 days of Education and Stimulation overload.  Lots of details to come!!! 

For now, I wanted to feature my Top 3 favorite Moments of the week:

1. Ilia Anossov 's Lecture (aka: Ilia Fresco)  If you ever wanted to really meet a Fresco Expert, Ilia is your guy.  Watch for a lot more details and cool stuff from this Master! His lecture was awesome.  I can't wait to see his videos and his studio/school in person.

2. Portrait Competition; Many brave artists got up and gave it their all, but Pat Ganino or The Faux Forum and Creative Evolution, ran away with the honors!! This Guy's Got some serious Game!

3. Working with Linda Banning, National president of IDAL.

I will need to decompress and organize my thoughts, photos and videos this week, so that I can share what I was fortunate enough to experience first hand in Golden.  By the way, Coors Light tasted REALLY fresh at the evening gatherings.

I had the luxury of getting to talk shop with several of the industry's best decorative painters. I was also excited to find out that I would be seeing many of them again soon, at upcoming Hands-On,  Sherwin-Williams, Faux Impressions session in their areas.

Ed's Upcoming Sessions:
Wednesday, September 22nd, Boston Design Center, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Thursday, September 23rd, Sherwin-Williams in Fenton, MI, Noon - 2:00PM
Tuesday September 28th in Edison Park, NJ, 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM
Wednesday, September 29th in Paramus, NJ, 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM
October in NYC, Lancaster, PA, Phoenix, AZ, Birmingham, AL, Seattle, WA and Tampa, FL!!

It will be great to meet you and play with product!!  Please contact me for the exact time and locations.

While, I was at the Education Summit, I shared a "Project Presentation" from my past years as an installer, with this elite group of experts.  (Lost a little sleep preparing for this crowd but, I was glad that I put myself out there!)  I spoke with several decorative artist about the importance of Metallics.  The ensuing conversations were very educational and confirmed the many issues related to metallics and crackle, that we have all dealt with in our careers, "On the Real Walls!"  During this busy week, I also received my usual countless phone calls and emails form installers getting ready to use it for the first time on an upcoming project. In all of my discussions, I stressed that "It is all about the right roller Sleeve!! " (Home Video below)

Interior Designer Presentation in Pennsylvania: The previous week, I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of 60+ Interior Designers in West Chester, PA. While discussing the importance of metallics and the inherent difficulties of installation, I had an experienced, interior designer, raise her hand an comment that "I haven't found any use for metallics in my client's high end homes. My clients are old money, who live in  traditional homes on the Main Line." 

I listened and then broke one of my cardinal rules... Rule: Never argue with an Interior Designer! I didn't exactly argue, but I asked her to keep an open mind and mentioned that in our program we have the metallic as a foundation or under layer.  "The shimmer is always sophisticated and subdued, embedded beneath a topcoat of glaze or as a matte finish overall color."  Half of our color combinations have the entire room getting painted with a coat of paint and then a random rolled coat of our Metallic glaze. 

Later in the presentation, as I passed around samples of the Faux Impressions, Metallic under with the Faux Impressions, Quartz Stone over, (featured in previous blogs) she raised her hand and said, "I take back what I said earlier, this is beautiful and I could definitely use this with my clients!!!"  (The extra !!! are mine, I was thrilled.)

I explained further during our subsequent hands-on session, that our Metallic glaze lays down and levels beautifully and looks as if it was sprayed. We made it our priority and went to great lengths at our lab and during testing, to make this happen for the installer. It works consistently, if you apply a generous amount of product and use the correct roller sleeves. All attendees, tried it for themselves.

It is all about the correct Sleeves...

Correct Sleeves: 1/2" nap x 6" microfiber mini roller sleeves for the corners and 1/2" nap x 9" Colossus, for the body of the wall.  (This also worked well recently at the high Point, NC furniture market, using 18" Colossus rollers...Woah!)

This was my first home made video done with camera in left hand and rollers in right.  You can see a professional version at and then go to smooth metallic.

Please keep in touch by email and facebook.

Next week look for more details from Golden Colorado and some hands on video from Creative Evolution as Pat's students tested our new Venetian Plaster.



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