Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ed's Faux Impressions Nationwide Tour of Duty

Hello Everybody! This is the maiden voyage of my blog.  You can expect weekly updates from me which will catalog my travels and meetings with the many extraordinary artists, contractors and designers around the nation. In any given week during my Sherwin-Williams, Faux Impressions tour of duty, you might hear about what is happening on the walls and canvases of San Antonio, NYC and Boston. (Lots of sleeping on airplanes) 

This brutal travel schedule really pays off and teaches me things that I could not learn from my studio in Chicago or laboratory in Cleveland. The "Real World" with its "Real Walls" and my interaction with decorative artists as well as some of the most capable professional contractors in the business, provides me with an extraordinary amount of information and inspiration. Each week I will share that information with you.

Check out our new professional line of decorative finishing products at:

I recently met with and heard from some of the top interior designers in NYC and Boston. In both cities, I was excited to see our new design center showroom, Faux Impressions Display at the Sherwin-Williams Color Center in the Robert Allen Showrooms.  See some great inspirational fabrics, colors and design trends at:  You can also see it yourself at:

D & D Building
979 3rd Ave, Suite 301
New York, NY 10022

While in New York, I viewed our first commercial installation in Times Square. (More details next week...You won't belive it!) 

You can expect to see videos and photos from my upcoming travels, with details on how-to create some amazing new looks!

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  1. I hope that you will be giving some kind of introductory class in the central Maryland area sometime during your journey.

  2. Ed came to the South Florida area and did an impromptu demo of the new SW Faux Impressions line at three area Sherwin-Williams stores. Everyone was impressed at the ease of application, the wide variety of techniques, low VOC content and water clean up!